Select your trip

  • Choose Flights. 
  • Specify whether your trip is :Round trip - One way - Multi city 
  • Enter the City of Origin and City of Destination. Keep in mind to which airport you want to arrive.
  •  Enter your travel dates. You may enter the day, month and year or choose a date from the calendar.
  •  If you can travel in days close to the date you chose, you may choose: My dates are flexible. 
  • If the option is available, select the type of class on which you want to travel, Business Class or Economy Class.
  •  Choose the Number of passengers you will be traveling with and specify their ages.
  •  If you have a Promotional Code you wish to redeem, enter it. 
  • Press the Search for Flights button and wait while we load your data.

My dates are flexible


  • The day. 
  • The time.
  • The rate that fits your needs. 
  • Press the Continue button located at the bottom of the page.

Select your​ flight


  • The time of your flight. 
  • Your preferred rate: Super Promo - Promo - Econo - Flexi - Business Class Promo -Business Class. 
  • After selecting your time and rate you will see the total value of your trip on the right-hand side of your screen. 
  • Press the Continue button located at the bottom of the page.

Insert your main data

  • There are two ways to enter your data:
    •  With your LifeMiles number and password. 
    • Entering your last name, names, e-mail and phone number. 
  • Accept the privacy conditions. 
  • Press the Continue button located at the bottom of the page.

Passenger Information

  • Enter passenger data just as it appears in the passport or identification document. Verify that the contact information is correct. 
  • If you wish, select the Special Requests option. 
  • Press the Continue button.

Special Requests

  • Seat request
    • If your rate allows it, choose from the passenger list the name of each of the Passengers and choose a seat. If available, you may perform this process for the return trip. 
    • You may perform a new selection by clicking on Erase all seats. 
    • Press the Continue button. 
  • Special Services 
    • If you have a special need, please choose the service you require. Our consultants will contact you to verify availability for your request. 
    • Press the Continue button located at the bottom of the page. 
    • Verify that all the information in the Service Details box is correct.
  • Press the Continue button.

Travel confirmation

  • Insurance and travel assistance services .The Avianca Travel Insurance service is available for some destinations.
  •  If you do not wish to acquire the Insurance, please choose the option I do not wish to purchase Travel Insurance. Keep in mind that the value of the insurance results in an additional value for your trip.
  •  Terms and Conditions
  • Select the two boxes to accept the terms and conditions for your purchase. 
    • I know and accept the conditions for this purchase.
    • I know and accept the terms of the the Transportation Agreement, Dangerous Goods and Cancellation Policy and penalties for changes, as well as additional charges for taxes and governmental charges and accept to receive information from this reservation to my e-mail address. 
  • Press the Continue button.

Make your payment

  • Choose the method of payment that best fits your needs and fill out all the required information. It is important that you consider that the average payment depends on the country of purchase. 
    • Debit to savings/current account. 
    • Credit card. 
    • Payment in person at bank branches. The price of your purchase will change and the administrative fee will be added to the value. 
  • Press the Pay button. 
  • Finally, after having Made your payment, you will receive an e-mail with all the important information of your airplane ticket:
    •  Reservation Code. 
    • Payment status. 
    • Ticket number.