When is your baggage on standby or is tagged as standby bag?

Transporting overweight or oversize baggage, as well as additional pieces, is subject to availability of space. Baggage will be tagged with the standby bag tag

On some cases, due to operating issues, these pieces will not be transported on your flight. However, they will be sent on the next flight with available capacity


Transporting standby baggage

Below you will find the delivery terms for baggage tagged with the standby bag tag

  • Domestic flights within 4 days after you arrive to your destination
  • International flights 8 days after arriving to your destination

If your overweight baggage is not transported on the same flight, please let us know which piece must be boarded as priority baggage so that the airport team can take the necessary measures

Contact us

Contact your local baggage office. You will be informed of the date on which you may pick up your pieces. If baggage tagged with the standby bag tag is delivered within the above terms, we offer no compensation

Contact the baggage office at your destination to know the date when you may pick up your baggage. You can also find information at