Travelling with babies

Recommendations when purchasing your ticket

  • If your baby is travelling on your lap, you must pay the fare corresponding to an infant (fare plus taxes).
  • If you need a seat for your baby, you must pay the fare corresponding to a child. Remember to take a special seat for your baby.



  • An adult can only travel with one baby on his/her lap. Remember that the baggage policy changes depending on whether it is an infant or child ticket.
  • You can also reserve this service if you are traveling with our partners on an interline 
  • Segments must be on the same reservation and confirmed.


Important: if you are traveling with another airline, you must verify the guidelines, conditions and restriction of the service of travelling with babies. 

  • Your baby can only travel with you if he or she is older than 10 days. If he is younger, you must show a medical certificate authorizing the mother and the baby.
  • Even though your baby may not have a seat, he/she must have a ticket under his or her name. The fare of this ticket corresponds to the infant fare.
  • Your baby’s ticket must be associated to yours.
  • If you need a seat for your baby, you must pay the corresponding fare.
  • If your baby turns 24 months during the trip, he or she will be considered a child and you must pay the corresponding ticket. Avoid inconveniences when returning from your trip. 
  • Check our baggage policy