Special baggage​

To provide you a better service, we allow some special items to be transported that can be used by you​ during the trip. The following items are considered part of the free baggage allowance and can be transported as such.

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Musical Instruments 

Defined as guitars, drums, trumpets, among others.

​As carry-on baggage: 

Must be properly packaged. Only musical instruments that can be safely accommodated in the aircraft bins will be accepted, eg.: guitar, trumpet, violin, among others. They must comply with the Carry-on baggage policies.

Musical instruments can also be checked as an extra piece of baggage, in addition to the Free baggage allowance, subject to space (see additional baggage charges). 

If the passenger has Excess baggage and checks a musical instrument as one of their free pieces, this will be subject to oversize and/or overweight charges.

Instrument with an assigned seat: 

If your musical instrument does not meet the policies set forth for carry-on baggage, you must purchase an additional seat through Sales Offices, Call Center or travel agencies. By acquiring this service, you have the following advantages:

  • You may transport your instrument in a complementary seat in the same cabin on which you are travelling.
  • You are entitled to travel with more baggage, corresponding to the additional ticket you purchased.

In order to transport your musical instrument in an additional seat, you must meet two conditions:

  • Strap in the item, which must be inside its original packaging, using the seat belt.
  • Your musical instrument must not exceed the following dimensions:

Maximum weight: 75 kilograms / 165,3 lbs.

Maximum height: 203,2 centimeters / 80 inches.

If you do not purchase an additional seat, these elements will be transported in the airplane’s hold as free baggage allowance.


Works of art

  • You must transport antiques and works of art either as carry-on baggage under your sole custody and responsibility, (if and when they comply with cabin weight and size restrictions) or using a freight company. The airline's responsibility is limited unless they have been declared.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to transport this type of baggage, when you refuse to sign a Limited Responsibility form, warning you that due to the nature of the item or baggage it cannot be sent as part of the free baggage allowance but must be sent via a freight company.

Excludes flights to or from the United States; the regulations may vary by country and can be changed by the authority of each country at any time and without prior notice.

Firearms and ammunition 

The transportation of weapons of any kind is not permitted  under any circumstances within the passenger cabin of any aircraft.

You can only transport firearms and ammunition in the aircraft hold, subject to full compliance with the policies established in the Avianca Aviation Security Manual and Avianca Dangerous Goods Manual Chapter 5, Transportation of Special Cargo, Page: 5-71.

You must declare any firearms at the Colombian National Police Armerillo (site designated by the police for receiving arms and ammunition) at each airport.

If the weapon does not reach its destination on the same flight the passenger can proceed with the compensation process if applicable.

In flights within Colombia

The procedure to transport fire arms is under the responsibility of the Division of Regulatory Conformity of Controls. 

In flights within Peru

The procedure to transport fire arms is under the responsibility of the Division of Regulatory Conformity of Controls. 

On flights within Ecuador

The transportation of firearms is under the responsibility of the Directorate of Aviation Security and Prevention.​

On international flights

On international flights, only sporting and/or collectable firearms can be transported following prior agreement with the airline.​

Flights between Bogotá and London

No weapons of any kind are allowed to be transported in the hold on this route.

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It’s important to note the regulations applying to food depend on each country. That said we list some useful points to keep in mind when you travel:


Avoid transporting 







  • If you are going to transport food, we suggest you take small and properly packed amounts within your Free baggage allowance and do not take them as additional pieces subject to space restraints as they could take up to 4 days to arrive if it is a domestic flight and up to 8 days if on an international flight.
  • Some foods must be declared on customs forms on arrival, so you should check what foods are on those forms. Otherwise, you could be fined by customs agencies (in the United States up to USD 1,000).
For trips to and from Arequipa-Peru

Please note that in Arequipa the entry of fruit is restricted due to anti-fly controls, issued by the Agricultural Health Service​ (SENASA).​


Poorly packaged baggage

This type of baggage is permitted provided the Passenger signs a waiver form and accepts the limited liability of the Airline.


Electronic items

These items must either be transported by the passenger in their Carry-on baggage (if and when they comply with cabin weight and size restrictions) under their sole custody and responsibility, or by a freight company. The airline's responsibility is limited unless they have been declared.


Cremated remains

  • Anyone traveling with human ashes must take the cremation certificate and the original death certificate with them.
  • The urn must have been hermetically sealed by the funeral home. The urn must go through an X-ray machine at the check in counter (if security can check the contents of the urn it can be transported in the cabin). Only urns made of wood, plastic or marble are allowed in the cabin.



Cremated remains are part of your Free baggage allowance and you don’t have to pay anything extra to transport them.

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