Upgrade your experience

Travel in Business Class and fly like you always dreamed.

If you purchased a ticket in Economy Class on Avianca flights or you are an Elite member of the LifeMiles program, you may upgrade to Business Class


Benefits and Conditions

Find out how to travel on Business Class with the last-minute upgrade or the Plusgrade auction system. 

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Plusgrade auction system

How to participate?

If you purchased a ticket on Economy Class on Avianca flights, make us an offer with the amount you would be willing to pay for a Business Class upgrade. 


When you receive the invitation email it means that some of the segments of your trip applies for auction. Click on the email link and prepare to upgrade to Business Class. 

If you did not receive an invitation email, verify if your flight applies for the upgrade. Make you offer directly by clicking on Upgrade

What must you do?

  1. Make your upgrade offer. Choose the amount you wish to pay for the upgrade on each of your trip segments.
    For example: The Bogota – Los Angeles trip has two segments: The first segment is Bogota – San Salvador and the second segment is San Salvador – Los Angeles. The offer only applies to the segment you select.
  2. Enter your payment information. Enter your credit card information. If the upgrade is granted, the amount of your offer will be charged to your card, otherwise, there will be no charges. 
  3. Review and send. Verify that the information you entered is correct and send it. 
  4. Confirmation of your offer. You will receive an email where we will confirm that we have received your offer. 
  5. Approval of your offer. Before your trip, at least 24 hours in advance, you will receive an email confirming if your offer has been accepted or not. If your offer is accepted, we will charge the upgrade. If it is not, you will not pay anything and you will keep your current seat. 

We work with Plusgrade

The offer and assignment of upgrades is managed using our Plusgrade supplier, with which we have a current agreement. 

When they make an offer, our passengers know and accept that their information, including personal data provided in the reservation, is shared with Plusgrade. Treatment of this information is done according to our General Privacy Policy

If you are an Elite Member of our LifeMiles loyalty program, Plusgrade will not affect courtesy upgrades granted as a privilege, according to the rules set forth in the Elite Program.

If you are a Silver or Gold member and you wish to improve your chances of obtaining an upgrade, you may do so by making an offer through our supplier. 

Keep in mind the terms of conditions of the Upgrade your Experience program. 

For queries about this product, contact our call center or write to us at soporte.precompra@avianca.com.

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Reserve unaccompanied minors between the ages of 5 and 17.