Why are flights operated by them?

Our commitment, taking you to your destination in Spain.

As a result of the recovery and normalization process of our operation after the ACDAC strike, Evelop Airlines and Wamos air will temporarily be contracted to operate his service. Although the in-flight experience will be different, our priority is to take you to your destination on time and with the safety for which we are known

What flights does each airline operate?

Evelop Airlines (AV14 y AV15): 
Cali-Madrid y Madrid-Cali. 

Wamos Air (AV16 y AV17):
Medellín-Madrid y Madrid-Medellín. 

Services you will find on board

Below you will find the features of some of the services you can find during your flight.


Travel freely around the world. You will be safe in aircraft that meet all international standards.


There will always be members of our crew supervising and providing support on the flight to guarantee it meets our service standards.