Empty seat

When you travel on Economy Class you can reserve an additional seat next to you by paying an extra charge. 

Where to buy this service?

You can acquire this service in the day of the departure of your flight at the check-in modules of the following airports.

North America

  • Chicago, O'Hare Airport.
  • Dallas, Dallas Fort Worth Airport.
  • Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport.
  • Houston, George Bush Intercontinental Airport.
  • Los Angeles, Los Angeles Airport.
  • Miami, Miami Airport.
  • New York, John F. Kennedy Airport.
  • Orlando, Orlando Airport.
  • San Francisco, San Francisco Airport.
  • Toronto, Toronto Pearson Airport.
  • Washington, Washington Dulles Airport.


  • USD 30

    for Europe

  • EUR 40

    From Spain/Germany

  • GBP 35

    From London

  • USD/CAD 25

    For North, Central and South America

Book your seat

Choose your favorite seat. We want your trip to become an unforgettable experience.

What seats can you choose?

You no longer have to choose between a standard and a random seat. You now have the option to pay an additional charge so you can choose the seat you want.

How much is it? What are the general conditions?

Find out the fares that apply. Remember that prices are approximate and they may differ depending on your travel route and any applicable taxes. 

This service is subject to availability. Contact us for additional information.
* You may purchase it on our website from Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. 

Additional seat

If you need more space for yourself or your baggage, you can use this service at no additional cost.

What are the conditions w​hen I'm allowed to use it?

  • In the case of date change penalties, charges will apply for each ticket purchased in accordance with the conditions of each ticket.
  • To apply for the service there must be two seats available that are side by side.
  • The contents of the piece of baggage must not compromise flight safety under any circumstances.​
  • The piece will be subject to a thorough revision by the airline before being boarded.
  • If the customer goes to the ticket counter without a ticket for the extra seat, the available commercial fare will apply in accordance with normal procedures.
  • The piece of baggage must be properly packaged and should not exceed 75 kg and be no larger than 80 linear inches (height+width+length).​​​​
  • This service is not available for flights within Ecuador​.
  • This service isn’t available for internal Ecuador flights.